There’s some art books I wanna buy, so I’m re-opening my sketch commission list!

One figure, black & white pencil, 9”x12”: $50, plus $6 S&H.

More figures, backgrounds, and/or ink: negotiable.

Interested? Drop me an email!

EDIT July 27: I’ve got a full roster now, so the list is closed. Thanks so much for all the signal boosts, friends!!!

If you came upon this late and want to commission a sketch, contact me and I’ll shoot you a heads-up email next time I open a new commission list.


Anonymous asked:

My birthday was this wednesday. Could you give me an X-Men related bomb drop as a present today?

brianmichaelbendis answered:

x-men related!!??  well, don’t say i never gave you anything for your birthday.

this is real.  this is my sara pichelli and this, again, is part of the marvel 75th anniversary,

the x-men kissing event is happening!!


Bendis drops an X-bomb ;)